Don’t let recruiting challenges hold you back! Yes, it’s tough to find clinical, executive and highly technical talent with the skills and traits to grow your business. At Power-4 we know the candidates you want to meet – the right professionals for your team and the roles you need to fill. Let us introduce you.

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Power-4 is not a high-volume search firm. Our clients are companies that need outside expertise to handle difficult-to-fill positions – without the high cost of traditional fee structures.

At Power-4, we know that hiring delays (or worse, mistakes) can crush momentum and competitiveness. Power-4 takes a different approach that delivers better results, faster.

We work with you in four ways:


75% of our candidates get interviewed

Plus, our clients retain all residual resumes to continuing building your internal pipeline, at no additional fee if one is later hired.

Why wait till you’re in a bind or frustrated by poor search results? Call Power-4 first, and hire the best, faster.

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Life Sciences and Technology Specialists

The entire Power-4 team is seasoned professionals, with a proven track record in sourcing and recruitment. We’re deeply familiar with the needs and challenges of the life sciences industry as well as technology staffing across all industries.

While our focus is on serving business clients, we’re always on the lookout for impressive new talent to add to our pool. Are you a potential candidate? If so, let us hear from you.

Our Process: Source and Engage

Finding, meeting, vetting, and nurturing relationships with candidates is what we do every day. Our dedication to meeting and engaging with talented, desirable professionals is what makes Power-4 such a great recruitment partner. The vast majority of these people are not seeking new employment, but who isn’t open to new opportunity, if it’s the right one? We get to know the individual as well as the skill set.

Here’s how we work:


Step 1: What's your goal?

We work with your HR/TA team or other managers to clarify exactly who and what you’re looking for. As your partner, we’ll advise on refining job titles or descriptions or other strategic revisions to help attract the best of the best.

Step 2: We reach out to see who's interested

We work constantly to identify, engage and get to know passive candidates just waiting for the right opportunity. That saves time in finding the best matches for your positions.

Step 3: We promote your opportunity

You need talent who can make a difference. But the best candidates won’t make a move unless it’s smart for their career. Power-4 promotes your company’s entire value proposition — brand and culture along with the position.

Step 4: We explore the possibilities with interested candidates

Winnowing as we go, we continue the process until we’ve narrowed our list to just a few top candidates – individuals who are fully qualified, a good match, and actively interested. This is why 75% of Power-4 candidates get interviewed.

Step 5: Choosing the best of the best?

That’s up to you. We’ll support you as needed, of course.

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What Our Clients Say

Power-4 has teamed with MorphoSys US Talent Acquisition, in the search, engagement and delivery of critical clinical, regulatory and biostatistical professionals.


Power-4 is a valued outsourced partner working in all phases of the Talent Acquisition cycle to help find, engage and deliver quality talent to Burning Glass Technologies

Burning Glass Technologies

Power-4 is a premier provider of IT contingent labor across all business units.

FM Global

Power-4 is a long-standing talent acquisition partner in support of multiple clinical, quality, regulatory and IT business units.

Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

Power-4 is a trusted partner for strategic IT staffing needs, utilizing a deep network of contacts and extensive technical expertise to quickly deliver qualified candidates for critical project needs.

Mass Mutual

Power-4 is a select provider of contingent labor and staffing solutions across multiple business units.

Federal Home Loan Bank Boston

Power-4 has been an excellent talent acquisition partner for our company.  They have added value by taking the time to understand our culture and have represented our brand as an extension of our team.  They have provided cost-effective and scalable solutions to address our unique challenges; I would highly recommend Power-4 as a committed and valuable partner.”

Vice President of Human Resources, Red Thread

Power-4 is a select provider of contingent labor and staffing solutions across multiple business units.

Clean Harbors

Power-4 is a key integrated talent acquisition and professional staffing partner supporting all phases of medical device, IT and corporate personnel needs.


Power-4 provides ongoing recruiting support for key technology positions with a focus on sourcing software development professionals.


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